Fire & EMS Mobile Data Collection


With specialized software, Toughbook® mobile computers help public sector employees collect, organize and transfer data faster and more efficiently. Panasonic offers field-tested, proven software solutions for inspectors and investigators in a number of public sector areas, including: Fire/EMS, building code enforcement, law enforcement, public works, environmental protection and health & safety.

All fires require investigation to determine cause and to learn how to prevent future fires. And for suspicious fires, they must be more closely investigated to determine possible arson, insurance fraud, fire code violations or other illegal activity. A fire investigator's work may involve many interviews with fire and EMS first responders, property owners, tenants and other witnesses. They need to review insurance policies and do detective work in search of potential motives for arson. They also need to inspect the fire scene—often a dangerous place—and conduct detailed forensic work to determine if there is evidence of accelerants or criminal activity. The investigator's job requires indisputably accurate recordkeeping to assure proper handling of materials and evidence that may need to be presented in court.

Fire Inspection Solution

Panasonic Toughbook laptops are superbly suited to the work of fire investigators. daylight-viewable touch screens and specialized software enable fire investigators to access and collect information from many sources, and organize it into evidence. Integrated mobile broadband capabilities enable the investigator to wirelessly transfer evidence to law enforcement agencies, the court system and insurance companies. The rugged construction of Toughbook mobile computers means they can take the heat and everything else they might face during a challenging fire investigation.

Fire Inspection Solution

Fire inspection plays an important role in safeguarding citizens and property. Called upon to inspect buildings and other structures, such as sports arenas and shopping malls, fire inspectors search for fire hazards and ensure that federal, state and local fire codes are met. They locate hazardous conditions and fire code violations — such as accumulations of combustible material, electrical wiring problems, and inadequate or non-functional fire exits — and inspect and test fire-protection and/or fire-detection systems to verify that they are installed in accordance with appropriate laws, codes, ordinances, regulations and standards.

To help ensure fire codes are followed, fire inspectors depend on the Panasonic Toughbook® 19 and the Toughpad™. Both mobile computers have a sealed, all-weather design and are IP65-certified for water and dust resistance, giving them the ability to endure any environment. With outdoor-viewable touch screens and specialized software, fire inspectors can access and collect information in any lighting condition. And with optional 3G or 4G LTE mobile broadband, fire inspectors can wirelessly upload any reports or citations to their department without going back to the office. This keeps them out in the field, allowing them to complete more inspections during their shift.

Electronic Patient Care Reporting Solution

EMS technicians gather critical data about their patient and their condition while en route to the hospital. This information is used to treat patients once they arrive at the emergency room. Traditionally, this data has been collected on paper forms, creating possible delays in patient treatment and complicating the insurance reimbursement process.

Because Toughbook® 19 laptops and Toughpad™ tablets are light and portable, information can be entered quickly and accurately and then transferred wirelessly to the emergency room while en route to the hospital. In addition, Toughbook 19 laptops employ magnesium alloy cases and shock-mounted hard drives to withstand the shocks and vibrations that occur in fast moving vehicles. For even more protection, the spill resistant keyboard reduces concerns about blood or other bodily fluids contaminating the units. The advanced wireless features of Toughbook 19 and Toughpad allow EMS technicians to access and update vital patient records fast and correctly. This allows them to focus on saving lives rather than on filling out paperwork and transferring records manually to department computers.

Arson Investigation Solution

Arson investigation is critical in determining the causes of death, injury, property damage and insurance liability of accidental and intentionally set fires. Called upon to enter compromised buildings and other structures, arson investigators regularly face hazardous and extremely dangerous conditions. To assist them in this perilous work, investigators count on our rugged Toughbook® 19, Toughpad™ tablet and WV-TW310 Series wearable camera to go anywhere they have to go to get the job done

The WV-TW310 wearable camera's sealed, all-weather design allows it to work flawlessly even in the most contaminated environments. Its wide-angle field lets investigators capture more of the environment to aid in the gathering of visual evidence. Image correction and stabilization modes enable investigators to capture clear images and evidence, while the auto day/night mode switching allows recording in any lighting condition. Once obtained, evidence-grade, tamper-proof file security provides unbiased and irrefutable data for both private insurers and courts.