Fire & EMS Emergency Operations Centers



Major disasters demand a quick and powerful response. Whether the emergency is the result of an accident, extreme weather, fire, crime or terrorism, first responders need access to critical data to organize the response and make critical decisions. The full line of Panasonic integrated technology solutions maximizes the capabilities and efficiency of emergency operation centers (EOC) and dispatch, enhancing their communications and awareness as events unfold.

Command & Control System Solution

An emergency operations center can help first responders and government administrators manage the efforts of fire, rescue, law enforcement, public works and other departments. In the event of a disaster, the command-and-control staff must coordinate resources and keep the lines of communication open to know how the response is progressing and receive critical information from public safety workers. With lives at stake, command-and-control facilities can rely on Panasonic technology solutions to effectively coordinate their response effort. With the latest innovations in mobile computing, flat-panel displays and projectors, and unified communications, your response to crises can be faster and more efficient, helping to save more lives and property.

Offering greater flexibility than a desktop computer, Panasonic Toughbook® computers can be stored, moved and used just about anywhere anytime. Rugged Toughbook mobile computers, with their unmatched reliability, are ready for just about anything. They can be dropped, knocked, soaked and exposed to extreme cold, heat and dust and still keep running under the most urgent conditions—exactly when emergency workers depend on their computers the most. And with optional 3G or 4G LTE mobile broadband, Toughbook computers can relay mission-critical information at a moment's notice, helping keep the line of communication open during a rescue mission.

Panasonic's wide range of displays provides the finest image quality and is an ideal choice for command-and-control environments in which crystal-clear images must be displayed accurately, reliably and often for extended periods of time. Incorporating advanced, maximum 18-bit digital image processing, the highest in the industry, Panasonic's Full HD flat-panel models reproduce crisp, clear motion picture images, while conveying fine detail. With a narrow bezel for flexible installation vertically or horizontally and for effective large-screen applications, long-life components for stable 24-hour operation, and high-brightness IPS panels for detailed monitoring, real-time events can be monitored around the clock — increasing situational awareness and improving response times.

Panasonic's complete line of projectors enables an EOC to communicate 24/7 with precision and detail. They are the perfect solution when it comes to viewing all types of images. With proprietary image-processing technologies — such as detail clarity processors, daylight view and RGB booster — Panasonic projectors produce crisp and lifelike images. And, with a dual- or quad-lamp system, downtime is minimized, enabling continuous operation. With safety and security at stake, Panasonic projectors are the perfect solution when it comes to viewing complex, mission-sensitive images.

Offering cost-effective and reliable communications solutions, Panasonic can simultaneously streamline your entire infrastructure, while adding desirable features such as wireless capability and email integration. Easy to install and expand, state-of-the-art telephone systems from Panasonic are designed to improve communications and unify your public safety department.


Fire/EMS Administrative Solution

Fire/EMS administrators provide vital support to first responders. They must purchase and track equipment, schedule maintenance, order supplies, handle billing matters and manage all aspects of human resources. The job of administrators is an enormous challenge involving meetings, on-site visits and endless paperwork that must be organized, tracked, retrieved and audited in order to assure that the department is always ready for whatever emergency arises.

Administrators have specialized needs that differ from those of firefighters, fire inspectors and fire investigators, and Panasonic offers Toughbook® solutions to meet those needs. The wireless capabilities of Toughbook laptops allow administrators to maintain contact with their staff and access to their records at any time. The daylight viewable touch screen makes recordkeeping and data entry faster, easier and more accurate-indoors or outdoors. When combined with Fire/EMS-specific software, Toughbook solutions add up to a greater return on investment and a more efficient Fire/EMS department.

Desktop Replacement Solution

Public sector office workers are often limited in their efficiency when tethered to their desktop computers. Workers who attend meetings, go off-site or do outside research need to take handwritten notes that have to be transferred into the computer later. While away from their desktop computers, workers also have no access to their files, databases or email, so tasks relating to these resources have to wait, as well.

Using Panasonic Toughbook® mobile computers, public sector office workers can improve their efficiency. Toughbook rugged laptops with wireless capabilities give office staff the freedom and mobility to take their computers wherever they need to work—the file room, boss' office, copy center, conference room, cafeteria or off-site. By having the computer with them, office workers can record, access and email information instantly, rather than taking handwritten notes and following up later.

Toughbook mobile computers are more than rugged enough to take the daily use and abuse of a day at the office, even if dropped or splashed with coffee. Not only do Toughbook computers provide the mobility and versatility public sector workers need to perform their duties, they also offer the lowest downtime in the industry* and a superior return on investment (ROI).

*Comparing internal Panasonic data with competitor data as reported by PC Magazine.