In-vehicle Solutions



Panasonic Toughbook® mobile computers can be mounted in all types of vehicles to provide government and military personnel with access to important information. Information may include maps, GPS, electronic medical records, criminal records and other government files that can be critical in resolving the situation at hand. Because these computers are constantly on the move, they must be rugged. The sturdy construction of Toughbook mobile computers assures maximum uptime for greater productivity and a lower total lifecycle cost.


The job of the U.S. Capitol Police is expansive, requiring them to protect far more than the U.S. Capitol Building. The department is responsible for preventing, detecting and investigating criminal acts, and enforcing traffic regulations throughout a large complex of congressional buildings, parks and thoroughfares. In addition, U.S. Capitol Police are charged with protecting members of Congress, officers of the United States Senate and the United States House of Representatives, as well as their families. Capitol Police serve these individuals within the District of Columbia and throughout the entire United States, its territories and possessions worldwide. It's a job that demands coordination between the capitol's many law enforcement and security agencies, including the FBI, Secret Service, Park Police and the Washington, DC Police Department. Like so many other law enforcement agencies, the U.S. Capitol Police are under-funded and ill-equipped, yet Capitol Police must work around the clock in all kinds of weather, and their computing systems must do the same.

The U.S. Capitol Police deploys Panasonic Toughbook mobile computers to help protect lives and fight crime more effectively. Embedded wireless technology enables police officers to instantly access information, such as vehicle data and crime records that can be critical in apprehending criminals. Because Toughbook computers have durable magnesium alloy cases, moisture-resistant keyboards, shock-mounted hard drives and internal dampeners that protect against vibrations, they stay operational longer with less downtime and fewer repairs than competitors' computers. This not only results in a lower total lifecycle cost and return on investment, but also translates into a more effective law enforcement agency that serves a high target area.