Navy Enterprise Solutions



Panasonic's durable Toughbook® mobile computers are the ultimate tools for government and military administrators on the move. Laptops enable government personnel to travel anywhere their services are needed. Toughbook mobile computers empower government officials to maintain access to files, databases, maps, schematics and other records needed to manage projects while on the road. Rugged Panasonic Toughbook laptops give federal personnel the mobility to perform more efficiently - anywhere their skills are required.


The U.S. Navy now maintains large area networks (LANs) throughout much of its fleet, allowing the Navy to harness the power of commercial networks while ashore or aboard ships and submarines. However, due to the sometimes harsh conditions and corrosive environment in which these naval vessels operate, the laptops on the network must be rugged, inside and out. And because the navy expects to use them for long periods of time, they also require a long lifecycle of parts and service.

That is why the U.S. Navy deploys Panasonic Toughbook laptops aboard all submarines and surface ships. Toughbook rugged computers are built to protect against moisture, dust, drops and vibrations, making them ideally suited for naval settings. The sturdy magnesium alloy cases, spill resistant keyboards and shock-mounted hard drives make Toughbook mobile computers extremely reliable. This reliability means Toughbook computers have longer lifecycles than standard, non-rugged computers. This translates to a lower total lifecycle cost, and Panasonic ensures parts availability far past the standard lifecycle of most other computers. Furthermore, the robust wireless capabilities of Toughbook computers assure steady voice, video and data connectivity through the U.S. Navy's global intranet.

The combination of rugged, reliable hardware and dependable wireless communications make Toughbook computers the ideal naval mobile communications device for the 21st century.