Aviation Solutions



Rugged Toughbook® mobile computers excel under the varied and demanding conditions presented by federal and military aviation applications. With their rugged, all-weather design, daylight-readable touchs creens, built-in handles and reliable wireless connectivity, Toughbook computers are well-suited for use in aviation, such as battlefield monitoring, mission planning, bombing runs, flightline maintenance and temporary duty assignments (TDY).


The Air Force Special Operations Command-Helicopter unit (AFSOC-Helo) must move special forces quickly and safely into hostile situations — and back out again — in all kinds of weather and trying conditions. Missions include battlefield monitoring, calling in air strikes, air rescue and covert ops. These assignments are urgent, dangerous and precisely planned — with no margin of error.

AFSOC-Helo missions subject computers to extremely high vibrations that would disrupt operations of a non-rugged computer — and possibly cause a mission failure. With sturdy magnesium alloy cases, shock-mounted hard drives, daylight-readable touch screens and spill resistant keyboards, Panasonic Toughbook mobile computers are built for the high vibrations, extreme temperatures and inclement weather associated with special ops. They meet and/or exceed all MIL-STD-810 standards for ruggedness and are MIL-STD-461 certified. Toughbook mobile computers can be mounted in any type of flight vehicle from Blackhawks to B-22s, or used non-mounted for mission planning and flight line maintenance in any environment.


Common Aircraft Portable Reprogramming Equipment (CAPRE), headquartered at Hill Air Force Base, provides a standardized platform for collecting flight and equipment information and for reprogramming aircraft. They include the RC-7, HH-60, C-5A, B-52, A-10, C-17, C-130, F-15, F-16, C-141, and MH-53. These aircraft can be deployed or re-tasked anywhere in the world at a moment's notice and their maintenance equipment, including computers, must go with them. That means they must be ready and able to perform in environments as diverse and extreme as frozen tundra, muggy swamps and sizzling deserts.

Using durable Panasonic Toughbook mobile computers with daylight-readable touch screens and specialized plug-in cables, CAPRE personnel upload software and download data from the avionics of the many different types of aircraft they service. The MIL-STD-810 certification means that Toughbook rugged computers are sturdy enough to withstand the hot, cold, damp, dusty and windy climates where military aircraft are deployed. Because Toughbook mobile computers have reliable wireless capabilities, they instantly exchange information with CAPRE's central database for prompt, accurate updating. The combination of rugged construction, advanced wireless features and mobile-specific features make Toughbook computers the ideal tool for CAPRE's needs.


Missions are rarely executed exactly as planned due to continuously changing situations. To be effective, mission planners must be adaptive. An adaptive mission planning system provides timely and effective responses to changes in policy and direction. Whether in peace time or while at war, planning requires up-to-date information and continuous communication in order to remain responsive, agile and relevant, even as circumstances in the field undergo dramatic change.

The ability to adapt mission plans while on the move can help increase the likelihood of mission success. Battle-tested Panasonic Toughbook mobile computers provide an excellent platform for both deliberate (scheduled) or ad hoc (unscheduled) mission planning. Their rugged weather-proof cases and shock-mounted hard drives ensure maximum protection against data loss while the daylight-readable touch screens make it easier to navigate and view the data. The reliable wireless connectivity provides the information and communication capabilities mission planners — including pilots planning sorties — need to quickly adapt to changing conditions during critical missions.

The combination of Toughbook mobile computers' rugged construction and advanced wireless features provide a total solution for the Air Force's mission planning needs.