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Snap Fitness, based in Minneapolis, is an extremely fast-growing franchisor of compact, state-of-the-art 24/7 fitness centers worldwide. In 2009, Entrepreneur Magazine ranked Snap Fitness No. 1 “Best in Category” for fitness franchises, and the editors of Inc. Magazine placed it at No. 16 on its annual “Inc. 500” list of privately owned businesses.


Fitness needed a way to provide personalized, one-on-one training and equipment instruction to members on the gym floor while still being accessible to customers and potential customers who call the store.


Snap Fitness selected new Panasonic SIP Cordless Phone System with the ConnectMeVoice hosted service that they coined, SnapComm for implementation throughout their entire franchise system.


Now Snap Fitness’ trainers aren’t tethered to the front desk to respond to incoming opportunities and can be attentive to members on the gym floor while also never missing an opportunity to help a customer or prospect who calls.

Priding itself on its progressive, member-friendly policies and service, Snap Fitness needed a way to provide personalized, one-on-one training and equipment instruction to members in the store—while still being accessible to customers and potential customers who call the store.

According to Peter Taunton, founder and CEO of Snap Fitness, “We needed a total communication solution that offered the powerpacked features of a top-of-the-line phone system, along with the flexibility our fitness franchisees require to maintain our customerfocused growth objectives.”

According to Taunton, “Our business model is very turn-key. The Panasonic SIP Cordless Phone System, coupled with ConnectMeVoice hosted service—SnapComm, as we now call it—offers us the perfect solution. The features provided are great! The welcome desk at the gym can do a one-button transfer to the trainer on duty, and headquarters now has the ability to track phone usage and voicemail activity at each club. This level of control and convenience is exactly what we were looking for to help us manage potential customers.”

Taunton continues to explain the cost-saving benefits of the system through its VoIP advantage: “Having the ability to move to VoIP from a standard phone line also helped our franchisees save over 20% on their telecom expenses.” Panasonic’s innovation and reliability—combined with the business-friendly features and cost savings—made the SIP Cordless Phone System the perfect solution for Snap Fitness.

Mobility and Clarity

With the ability to add up to 6 DECT 6.0 handsets to each Panasonic SIP base station, multiple trainers can wander the gym floor assisting customers while still being “connected” to the front desk. With the superior long range and clarity of DECT technology, they’ll enjoy crisp, clear sound on every call. “We can manage the club, without being locked in a chair,” adds Taunton. A Perfect Feature Fit Panasonic SIP Cordless Phones offer a powerful set of business features and functionality, including a convenient One Button Call Transfer feature that allows the front desk to direct calls quickly and accurately. “When a sales call comes in to the front desk, it gets immediately routed to the appropriate trainer on the floor, who wears a cordless on his hip. Our Panasonic SIP system keeps our customers happy and our trainers mobile—without missing a potential sale!” says Taunton.

Customized Services Provided by ConnectMeVoice Additionally, by using ConnectMeVoice as its hosted PBX service provider, Snap Fitness was able to add specific features to its Panasonic SIP Cordless Phone System, such as Call Recording to monitor and control the quality of all calls, and Follow Me, which allows Snap Fitness employees to designate predetermined hours in which their work calls will be forwarded to their cell phones.

Snap Fitness also added customized Intro Greetings and On Hold Messaging to include franchise promotions and ultimately control the customer’s entire calling experience while ensuring consistency in messaging across all the franchises.

“In our industry, a lot of our business comes in through the phone. That gives us the risk of missed opportunities, missed calls, unreturned voicemail—general poor sales tactics. The ability to record inbound and outbound calling enables us to capture these potential customers, and beyond that—it helps us train our staff to sell. We get more people into the club through the phone—and that’s the goal,” stated Taunton.

Easy Installation—Immediate Cost Savings The Panasonic SIP Cordless Phone System is able to ship preprogrammed directly to the Snap Fitness franchise. The phones are all set up and ready to go, making installation a seamless plug-n-play process.

“New activations are a piece of cake!” says Taunton. “And by providing our franchisees with Panasonic SIP Cordless Phones, we can save them 20% off their current monthly phone bills—plus give them every phone feature they need to be successful. Everybody LOVES this phone!”

Panasonic—A Name You Can Trust After reviewing the VoIP cordless phone selection in the industry, Snap Fitness decided on Panasonic—a No. 1 Market Leader in Small Business Technology. Taunton explains, “Panasonic is a name brand we chose because we want the best value for our franchisees. These phones come from a leader in the industry, so we know they are quality—and we know they’re going to last.”


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