Self Service Enterprise Portal


How does our Self-Service Enterprise Portal IoVS™ help your business?

Introducing the Panasonic Self-Service Enterprise Portal IoVS™ – a simple to use, all-in-one dashboard that allows you to manage and monitor your Interactive Kiosk Solutions. Empower employees across your organization to enhance the in-store Kiosk experience by building customized menus, designing regional advertising and promotional material, and managing brand content from a single portal.


  • User-friendly portal allows individual stores to easily create custom user interfaces, menus and regional promotions to best serve their customers while being guided and monitored by a central control point

Key Features

  • Menu Creation & Updates.The Self-Service Enterprise Portal IoVS™ interface is simple and intuitive, so you will be up and running in minutes. Start with one of the built-in menu templates and customize it to your liking or create your own menu from scratch.
  • Kiosk User Interface (UI) Management. Seamless integration with your POS system. Manage all of your menu assets from one place. Allows you to update your user experience anytime, anywhere – with the ability to change out images, logos and videos on the fly.
  • Scheduling. Create customized content schedules for all screens, and monitor them from anywhere instantly with the touch of a button.
  • Device Monitoring. Constant device monitoring and regular status reporting. System and application updates are rolled out automatically so that you never need to worry about being current or making manual software updates.
  • User Administration. Easily create and manage user login credentials and permissions. Group sharing functionality available for larger enterprise operations.