Keeping goods moving and available, while making customers happy, is no easy task. And through it all, every retailer wants to make their store environment better than the competition. That's why retail professionals look to Panasonic as their one-stop provider of technology solutions to enhance retail operations management, motivate sales associates, reduce shrinkage and improve the customer experience.

Digital signage, loss prevention, mobile computing and point-of-sale solutions are just a few of the ways Panasonic can enhance the customer satisfaction and keep you one step in front of the competition.


Mobile, Real-Time Computing Solutions

When your customers rely on you to ensure products are available on store shelves or that accurate information is accessible, you can count on the Panasonic Toughbook® laptops and the Android™-powered Toughpad™ tablets. Scanner and Magstripe reader accessories are available to transform your Tablet into a line-busting or warehouse inventory solution.

  • Increase productivity by keeping track of in-store inventory, pricing and promotions tasks.
  • Improve customer service with activities such as line-busting, price checks, special orders and inventory locating.
  • Arm management with real-time access to dashboards that monitor transactions, relocate resources and enact decisions.


Digital Signage Solutions

From the moment they enter your store all the way through the point-of-sale, you can keep your customers engaged with interactive Panasonic digital signage solutions.

  • Boost sales by targeting customers with strategic messaging at the point of sale.
  • Take advantage of Panasonic-driven digital content creation, storage and management.
  • Help customers find their way around the store and locate products of interest with touch screen display capabilities.


Video and Security Solutions

With the most advanced imaging and recording technologies designed for professional security applications, Panasonic products are specifically engineered for the enterprise-grade needs of retail. Panasonic offers the most advanced video surveillance and security solutions on every platform — IP, analog and hybrid. Panasonic security cameras can help to fine-tune employee performance, create a better customer service experience or monitor the success of merchandising campaigns.

  • Intelligent video monitoring includes gender and age analytics and facematching technology for added security.
  • Combine intelligent security analytics with a digital signage solution to ensure that your messaging is targeting the appropriate gender demographics at the appropriate times.


Point-of-Sale Solutions

At the checkout counter or with a sales associate line busting, Panasonic's innovative POS solutions are powerful and built to help your business run more efficiently in a stylish, small-footprint design.

  • Durably designed products provide a long product life cycle with maximum uptime and minimum maintenance.
  • POS workstations can be combined with digital signage and loss-prevention solutions for a fully integrated retail solution.
  • Scanner and Magstripe reader accessories can transform your Toughpad™ tablets into a line-busting retail solution.