In today's ultra-competitive hotel industry, you constantly need to find ways to improve customer service. It's all about satisfying your customers. Panasonic integrated communication, information and document management solutions help you deliver prompt and accurate service from the front desk, checkout counter, drive thru window, guest room, business center and back office.  VIEW BROCHURE

  • Utilize Panasonic Security Cameras to keep an eye on every area of your lodging facility; near the front desk, lounge, parking lots, and pools. Reduce internal loss, capture visual record of accidents and identify key employees.
  • Unify staff and guest by integrating reservations, messaging systems administration and call accounting with one communication solution from Panasonic.
  • Set-up your conference center and meeting rooms with Panasonic Whiteboards, Scanners and Printers to allow your guests to continue doing business while away from the office.

How does our Digital Mirror IoVS™ help your business?

Digital Mirror IoVS™ is a smart touch-screen mirror that provides guests with instant access to hotel amenities and services with personalization options and network access for a unique user experience.


  • Enhance Guest Experience. Provide guests with next-level convenience and comfort with the Digital Concierge and customizable content – like news feeds, weather updates, and sports – all suited to individual guests’ preferences
  • Personalize with Artificial Intelligence. Personalized features such as smart phone links, messaging center, personal profiles and more can be integrated into the mirror.
  • Generate Advertising Revenue. Create new streams of revenue with on-mirror ads from local restaurants, entertainment venues and events
  • Customer Profile Analytics. Data tracking that records customer clicks and preferences allow hotel management to better understand guest preferences and tailor services accordingly
  • Digital Mirror Guest Survey. Touch-based surveys provide management with a simple way to receive guest feedback on stay quality and opportunities to improve the hotel experience

Key Features / Specifications

  • Mirror: full-body / half-length
  • Display size: standard 55 inch and custom sizes
  • Mounting Type: self-standing, Wall Mount, Flush Mount
  • Remote Device Management System & Content Management System
  • Digital Concierges (Artificial Intelligence)
  • Customizable Contents and Live Feed
  • Data Analytics of Customer Behavior

Digital Mirror Content Example

  • Powered by Panasonic logo
  • Hotel Brand Logo
  • Date and Time
  • Weather (Live feed)
  • News (Live feed)
  • Headlines refresh every 5 seconds
  • Digital Concierge
  • Sports News / Score (Live feed)
  • Sports Score refresh every 2 seconds
  • Detailed information area
  • Scrolling function support (Up & Down)
  • Stocks (Live feed)
  • Clear Screen Button (Auto clear if inactive over 5 minutes)
  • Sleep Mode
  • Hotel Guest Survey
  • Advertisement Space

Advanced Smart Mirror with IBM Watson Panasonic CES 2017


Customized viewable content & media on a touch-screen mirror displaying any signage content. The solution work side-by-side with IBM Watson cognitive system to assist with guest questions, personalize the experience and offers based on visitor engagement.