Auto Inspection Solutions



Thorough and accurate car inspections keep the pre-owned automobile market running like a fine-tuned engine. Panasonic Toughbook® laptops' integrated wireless and durable build enable auto inspectors to confidently and quickly transfer vital information and images, note damages and assess charges.

A surge in the pre-owned car market, driven in large part by big-lot used car retailers, leases, automobile auctions and the internet, has turned the automobile industry into a 24/7 marketplace. Mobile automobile inspectors often find themselves stretched for time as they move from lot to lot in a single day to conduct inspections. Relying on manual processes and paper forms in an all-weather environment makes updating vehicle information arduous, error-prone and unpredictable. This outdated practice impedes inspectors' ability to keep pace and stay productive.

Technological advancements found in Panasonic's Toughbook laptops, such as embedded wireless connectivity, combined with leading industry software, simplify and expedite the inspection process. Daylight-viewable displays offer optimal viewing, from sun-drenched parking lots to the confines of dark garages. Plus, the touch screen feature helps inspectors navigate software programs more efficiently and enter vehicle information such as VIN numbers and mileage more quickly and accurately. Full magnesium alloy cases, drop and spill resistant engineering, long battery life and shock-mounted hard disks ensure maximum uptime for inspectors on the road. To stand behind its full line of rugged, mobile computers, Panasonic offers one of the most comprehensive three-year warranties in the industry.