Outage Management



For utility companies, outages can mean lost revenue, a potential public relations nightmare and possible regulatory action. Panasonic Toughbook® mobile computers running utility-specific software can mitigate outage issues and help restore service sooner.

Storms, fires, earthquakes and accidents often lead to utility outages. It is under these already trying conditions that utilities must locate the source of the outage as quickly as possible, and dispatch crews to restore service. Emergency crews need immediate access to maps, specs and repair manuals, as well as a steady connection with the home office. Subjected to harsh environmental elements, the crews' mobile computer equipment will be tossed, splashed, rained on and dropped — yet must remain up and running.

When every second counts and failure is not an option, many utilities depend on Toughbook mobile computers to tackle the most urgent outage management projects and deliver crucial connectivity. Mobile broadband wireless-enabled Panasonic Toughbook laptops, using software designed for utilities, provide the maps, service manuals, and other mission-critical information crews need to restore utility service. Toughbook mobile computers can take the physical abuse, wet weather, heat and cold, and still keep running with bright displays that are visible even in direct sunlight. That means utilities can restore service faster and more efficiently. Less downtime translates to lower labor costs, enhanced profitability, higher customer satisfaction and better public relations.