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Many states now mandate that utilities secure a certain percentage of their energy from renewables, with the amount often ramping up significantly over a relatively short number of years. In some states, a ‘carve out’ exists that specifically directs the utilities to build or buy solar energy.

Integrating large-scale solar photovoltaics (PV) offers both opportunities and challenges for utilities. On the one hand, they gain a power source that offers free and clean fuel, fulfills government requirements and meets consumer demand for green energy. On the other hand, PV needs sun to operate, and the sun doesn’t always shine. A utility can’t take the day off waiting for the clouds to pass. By law utilities must keep the power flowing to customers or face financial penalties.

To keep power supply and demand in balance, utilities must innovate around solar’s intermittency. But in doing this, they also must make cost, reliability and safety paramount.

Panasonic is well-positioned to help utilities with this green-age challenge through our solar development, financing and engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) services and energy storage solutions.

Highest quality, lowest cost

By responsibly leveraging our technical capabilities and corporate balance sheet, Panasonic delivers the highest quality energy projects with the lowest levelized cost of energy in the industry.

Panasonic acts as comprehensive partner, offering utilities:

  • Pre-construction development
  • Turnkey implementation
  • Product independence for best quality/lowest cost construction
  • Contract terms that require no payment until commercial operation
  • Operations and maintenance
  • Production guarantees for lowest long-term financing costs


Panasonic participates at the earliest stages of project development. With its global reputation and resources, it offers utilities the heavy-weight support needed right from the start to develop large-scale projects.

Energy storage solutions

As renewable capacity reaches the stability tipping point, utilities have a choice: stop adding renewables or adopt technology to manage and balance the new grid.

Panasonic brings its expertise in energy storage to the problem. Our engineers are ready to work with you to develop large-scale storage solutions customized for your needs, including firming, frequency response, ramp rate control and load shifting.

Energy Storage Solutions

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