Pipeline Maintenance



When performing upkeep on pipelines, oil and gas professionals work in every climate imaginable. Toughbook® rugged mobile computers can go anywhere they go and provide the cutting-edge technologies to help them do their jobs more efficiently.


Pipeline Maintenance Solutions

Crews repairing liquid and gas pipelines throughout the world face environments and conditions that can ravage computers ill-equipped for the road, causing unplanned downtime, loss of productivity, inaccurate asset management and an inability to comply with industry regulations.

Panasonic's line of fully-rugged Toughbook mobile computers, however, have many built-in features designed to be used wherever pipeline maintenance workers find themselves, from the icy tundra to marshy wetlands. Engineered with spill resistant keyboards, magnesium alloy cases, extended battery life and shock-mounted hard drives, Toughbook laptops withstand the difficult conditions associated with traveling to remote pipeline locations. To help comply with industry regulations, innovative Toughbook computers are also equipped with integrated GPS, wireless and RFID capabilities that facilitate the accurate recordings of pipeline assets and the transmission of that data in real time. To accommodate work at both indoor and outdoor sites, Panasonic also offers daylight-viewable touch screens that let users navigate software and enter data quickly and easily.