Exploration & Production



Unprecedented worldwide demand for oil and gas is driving the need for rigs to operate around the clock. With enormous capital investments devoted to the discovery and production of oil and gas, any downtime is money gone up in flames. Panasonic Toughbook® mobile computers are built for the mission-critical task of keeping oil rigs operating safely and continually—day and night.


Offshore Rig Solutions

Offshore rigs are nothing short of self-contained cities operating 24 hours a day throughout the waters of the world. Unplanned downtime not only impacts the flow of oil or gas, it also significantly affects the costs of operations. Companies stand to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars for each day a platform is down.

To keep offshore rigs in service and on schedule, oil and gas companies are using Panasonic Toughbook mobile computers to reduce downtime for their operations and increase productivity of their crews. Fully-rugged, Toughbook laptops are built to withstand a rig's harsh environment of salt, chemicals, machinery and moisture. Engineered with features such as corrosion-resistant parts, sealed ports, spill resistant keyboards and shock-mounted hard drives, Toughbook mobile computers substantially outlast conventional laptops. Toughbook computers aren't just durable. They're safe. Certified UL 1604 ClassI, Division 2, they won't emit dangerous sparks in such a hazardous work environment, allowing workers to focus on the job at hand. Daylight-viewable touch screens let floor workers, drill foremen and other offshore crews use their computers easily and conveniently- from the "doghouse" to the drill floor- with gloved or dirty hands. Plus, all Toughbook laptops are equipped with advanced wireless features, providing the rig's crew with real time communications and connectivity for planning jobs, sending work orders, directing workflow and managing resources more efficiently.Toughbook mobile computers combine rugged engineering with innovative features to help keep workers safe and productive—and operations humming and cost efficient.


On-Shore Rig Solutions

Riggers, whether monitoring the drill bit "down hole" or managing a crew, work long hours when exploring wells and producing oil. They're often plagued with laptop problems ranging from broken cases and hard-to-read displays to internal damage from the elements. In addition, they find many solutions don't come with integrated technologies such as RFID (radio frequency identification).

On-shore oil workers using Toughbook computers, however, avoid these problems. These laptops come equipped with features such as all-weather design, drop-resistant engineering, and daylight-viewable touch screens that make data entry and software navigation easy and reliable. Plus, Toughbook laptops are Certified UL 1604 ClassI, Division 2 for spark-free use, so on-shore riggers can use their computers with complete confidence on the drill floor. Embedded with the latest wireless technologies, Toughbook laptops allow "tool pushers" and other rig managers to connect to the necessary information systems, RFID-equipped devices, or company personnel. This ability to communicate in real time makes reporting, resource management and decision making more accurate and efficient.

Fully-rugged Toughbook laptops outlast other traditional mobile computers in this type of work environment. With innovative Toughbook solutions, on-shore rig workers confidently use their laptops to perform more tasks, operate in more places, and communicate with others 24-7.


Geophysical Seismic Interpretation Solution

The task of finding oil and gas falls squarely on the shoulders of geologists and geophysicists. Computer equipment failure and unplanned downtime can negatively impact seismic data interpretation, which could mean the difference between striking it big or coming up empty.

In order to locate geophysically and geologically suitable drilling locations, oil and gas companies are using Panasonic Toughbook mobile computers to help their scientists increase the accuracy and efficiency of their work. Scientists are susceptible to the same extreme conditions as other rig workers. Features such as corrosion-resistant parts, sealed ports, spill resistant keyboards and shock-mounted hard drives help Toughbook laptops withstand harsh environments that can include salt, chemicals, machinery and moisture. Daylight-viewable touch screens allow geologists and geophysicists to quickly and accurately input, probe and analyze data in order to generate real time, 3-D models and predictions about the earth's subsurface. Toughbook computers also come equipped with GPS capability, allowing scientists to more accurately locate underground reservoirs of oil and gas.

Through innovative technologies, Panasonic Toughbook mobile computers allow scientists to perform seismic interpretations in the harshest locations, with minimal downtime and increased efficiency.