Stetson University


Stetson University

When Gerry Ewing, Director of Technology Applications at Stetson, first arrived at Stetson University, he found a number of projectors from various manufacturers installed in classrooms.


Stetson University, a Florida-based educational institution serving over 3,700 students throughout the state, required reliable, high-end projectors to serve critical roles for students working on projects and professors giving lectures.


Citing unreliability, poor customer service and poor lamp life, representatives at Stetson knew they needed a substantial upgrade from their previous units. So, they elected to install a number of Panasonic solutions including PT-F300U, PT-LB90U, PT-FW300U, PT-DW6300US, among others.


The University saw immediate benefits from their switch to Panasonic projectors including self-cleaning filters, increased variety, enhanced customer support, easy projector upgrades and improved lamp life – over 5,000 hrs per lamp, nearly 2-3X longer than competitors! – They were able to cost-effectively increase the richness of professors’ lectures and significantly improve students’ in-class educational experience.


Almost immediately, Ewing noticed a number of issues with the current devices, such as the need for continuous filter maintenance, short lamp life, poor customer service experience, as well as the projectors' high price. Ewing decided to begin migrating the university's projector inventory to Panasonic because it demonstrated the greatest ROI through the Automatic Cleaning Filter feature, long lamp life, availability of wide variety of projectors for different environments, no hardware failures to date and a great relationship Ewing has with Panasonic engineers and sales representatives.