Digital Out of Home


Digital out of home (OOH) media focuses on marketing to consumers when they are in public spaces, but digitally so that there is no need for physical deployment or removal of the media (e.g., vinyl billboards). OOH advertising formats fall into five main categories:

  • Billboards: Highway roadside or city spaces with significant vehicle or foot traffic.
  • Spectaculars: Larger format billboards, often in custom shapes.
  • Street "furniture":   Bus shelters, mall kiosks, custom-built structures.
  • Transit: Advertising placed on anything that moves, such as buses or subways, but large enough to handle the weight of electronic signage.
  • Alternative: Advertising to address consumers in places they may not expect. Digital advertising is more limited here because the format is typically very small and used temporarily, but new solutions are under development to meet these needs.


Despite the rapid growth of DOOH media and signage, a long timeframe is often necessary to identify a site, navigate the zoning and leasing process with a city and/or landlords, and plan technology investments, all while keeping an eye on competitors and customers in your market. As media companies reach the execution stage for a signage property, they need a technology partner with a breadth of products and solutions, flexibility around design, technical, engineering and architectural skills and the ability to provide world-class support following construction.

Panasonic A/V Solutions has expertise and for any DOOH market segment and project stage, including planning/consulting, design, installation, service, and content management and delivery. We have executed some of the most complex large format digital signage projects in the world, from concept and design through installation and service. Through our suppliers, partners, and in-house resources, we offer world-class DOOH technology and capabilities for indoor and outdoor environments of virtually any size:

  • LED digital signage of virtually any size and form factor (mesh LED, billboards, spectaculars, signage districts, video walls, etc.)
  • Information and way finding kiosks.
  • Flat panel media networks with a broad portfolio of media distribution formats, software, and hardware.
  • LED lighted (back-lit or side-lit) “static” signage.
  • Rental services managed and delivered through Panasonic partners.
  • Other solutions for niche market and locations requiring innovative uses of A/V technology.


Every solution we offer is focused on helping customers increase advertising revenues, communicate to their audience more effectively, and generate ROI far above less sophisticated formats including traditional static media.


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