Panasonic has been the leader in the solar business since 1975 and has manufactured high quality and high efficiency solar panels HIT® for over 17 years.

Features and Advantages of Panasonic HIT®


Leading Edge Technology - Silicone Hetero Junction (SHJ) Solar Cell

The Panasonic original silicone heterojunction cell has a unique property which minimizes loss of electrons, and maximizes the performance of the cell increasing its output.

Original Pyramid Structure

While the flat surface of other panel reflects sunlight, Panasonic's unique pyramid structure helps the cell surface absorb more sunlight which generates more energy.

High Efficiency Performance at High Temperatures

Due to the unique property of amorphous silicon layer, Panasonic HIT® continues to be efficient and perform at its best quality even at high temperatures.

Unique Water Drainage

Rain water is drained off the panel surface. This avoids not only water accumulation but also water stains after drying. Even in low-angle installations, the water drainage helps to keep the panel clean.

High Testing Standards

Panasonic's testing criteria is much more severe than industry standards. Testing solar panels has been a long term goal and assures safe operation for over 25 years.

Vent Fans

Builders are increasingly adept at keeping our homes weather-tight. While this reduces energy bills, it also can trap stale air inside. Exchanging trapped air with fresh air is vital to our health, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency. Exposure to toxins can cause respiratory disease, heart problems and cancer. Poor ventilation also encourages mold and mildew, which both harm health and damage our homes. Panasonic offers advanced energy efficient ventilation systems that keep the air in your home clear and healthy. Our Whisper line of exhaust fans can provide spot or whole house ventilation. Panasonic also offers a balanced Spot ERV (Energy Recovery Ventilator) system which exhausts stale air in the home and simultaneously supplies fresh air.

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Heating and Air Conditioning

Comfort in personalized environments.

When you think about a building as a living space, everyone involved lives better. From design to installation to operation, Panasonic lives for the living inside. Our line of conditioning solutions breathes life into structures big and small. With 25 years of experience in the U.S., we are consistently building new ideas to help build your business or home. By delivering multi-zone options, space-saving and environmentally friendly designs, our solutions are human solutions.

At Panasonic, we don't just condition buildings. We condition people. That's because we've thought beyond just Air Conditioning (AC) to something we like to call Human Conditioning (HC). This is the process that guides our technology and system attributes, and, in turn, provides for maximum conditioning solutions for your environment.

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Cordless Power Tools

Our world is becoming increasingly electric. But for all its conveniences, power has drawbacks. For example, have you ever been in the middle of a crucial home repair only to have the batteries die in your power tool? Panasonic helps your power tools run longer through its advanced battery technology. In fact, Panasonic Cordless Tools offer the highest battery capacity in the industry.

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