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Wireless Communication

Attune® II Wireless DECT drive-thru communication systems

Say goodbye to drive-thru miscommunications and lost orders. Attune II actively reduces ambient noise up to 4 times so your employees can hear your customers and get orders right the first time.

Watch Video Learn how the Attune II can solve food service communication challenges.
Attune 2 QSRs

Designed for the reality of QSRs

We designed Attune II to outlast every competitor on the market, and independent tests confirm we hit the mark. Attune II can withstand 1,100 lbs. of direct pressure without failing, 300,000 twists and bends of its headband, and is completely sealed against liquids and grease.

Touch screen access to live
surveillance feeds

The Attune II touch screen, multimedia center module integrates live security camera feeds so your drive-thru operators can see, as well as hear, your customers. Designed for maximum simplicity, the Attune II center module makes system management, recording greetings, even backing up — easier than ever.


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