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Flexible POS systems that adapt and grow with your business

We've been designing and manufacturing POS systems to meet the demands of the food service industry for more than 30 years. We've installed and serviced more than one million POS systems around the world, and we know that reliability and flexibility are the key ingredients for the longest service life and the maximum return on our customers' investment.

Our newest Stingray III® and Toughpad FZ-R1® embrace that recipe at their core. The Stingray III fixed POS is built on a modular, shared-chassis design that can expand and adapt as your business evolves. The fully mobile FZ-R1 handheld puts a full-powered, Windows 8.1 POS system in your employees' hands for the ultimate in secure tableside service. Both join the extended family of proven, Panasonic POS retail solutions that set the bar for power, durability and flexibility.

Tableside service, with a side of security

The Toughpad FZ-R1 delivers a rich Windows 8.1 tablet experience for browsing menus, plus an integrated chip and PIN reader for state-of-the-art, secure transactions. With the FZ-R1, diners can pay their bills on the spot so payment cards never leave their hands.

And it does far more than process secure payments; it's a full-featured tablet POS word system, powered by an Intel® Celeron® processor. The FZ-R1 puts order entry, timesheets, and email into every employee's hands and gives managers a mobile platform for office productivity apps, accounting and analytics. From counter to table and back office to the drive-thru, the Toughpad FZ-R1 is an unlimited multitasker.

Better information, clear insight, more control

Panasonic POS systems integrate with digital signage and surveillance systems to create an intelligent network that continuously gathers and analyzes inventory levels, demographics and behavioral and surveillance data so you always have precise insight into operations.

Real-time offers on digital boards can automatically reconcile with POS journal entries, providing instant feedback on marketing and promotional efforts. Armed with this continuous stream of precise performance data, savvy marketers can fine-tune campaigns by time of day, season — even specific customer types — to maximize sales on every transaction.

Panasonic POS systems are the backbone of intelligent surveillance solutions that match journal entries and transaction data with HD footage of every second. Rich metadata, including time, dollar amounts and facial recognition data are archived in sync with digital surveillance footage. This extensive database makes it easy to scour days of footage and quickly get a clear picture of suspicious events.

With Panasonic POS systems, you’ll always have the insight and intelligence you need to optimize your restaurant operations.



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