Everest™ Network Solutions



Something Big is Happening in High Density Wi-Fi

The arrival of Everest™ Network Solutions marks a massive shift in high density Wi-Fi. Until now, network solutions available to ultra dense venues were built on outdated technologies designed for much simpler, smaller needs. Everest™ is the first solution built from the ground up specifically for ultra-high density, and the result is performance and possibilities that you have to see to believe.

The First Solution Built from the Ground Up

Our competitors use legacy products intended for office environments and expect them to perform in arenas and stadiums. Even worse, they have to mount large quantities of AP’s under your seats just to get coverage. Not with a Panasonic system. We designed ours from the ground up to ascend these limitations. With Everest™, you install far fewer AP’s, and you can mount them up to 150 feet away. The result is significantly better throughput with only 25% of the hardware. It’s a future-forward approach that ensures our ability to provide peak performance is never hampered by outdated or ill-fitted technology.

Peak Performance Meets Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

The reason we can provide you with the lowest total cost of ownership is the same reason that we can provide you with Wi-Fi performance that's at least five times faster for every fan – we’ve built a solution that is custom fit for your needs. That means you'll get much better results with less equipment, a shorter install time, and easier maintenance. Happy fans, stronger balance sheet.

A Mountain of Untapped Returns

When your Wi-Fi reliably covers every square foot, you’ll never miss an opportunity to understand your customers. With richer data and analytics, your sales, marketing and operations teams can provide more effective engagements that open unlimited returns for your investment.

The Ultimate Fan Experience

We know that a flawless network is essential to the ultimate fan experience - one that will have them coming back for more. With Everest™ Network Solutions, the possibilities for your fans and your organization are endless. Not only can you finally meet their base expectation of reliable Wi-Fi, but you can provide them with an enhanced experience that they could never get at home.