Digital signage professional displays. Reliability, connectivity and high performance that works for you 24/7
Panasonic Digital Signage Professional Displays feature unsurpassed image quality, industry-leading performance and reliability that is second to none. From dynamic, large-format professional displays to eye-popping video walls with massive, crystal-clear images, Panasonic Digital Signage grabs attention and never lets go.

Entry level digital signage
EF1/LFE Series
  • Narrow Bezel
  • Wide Viewing Angle
  • Built-in USB Media Player
84-inch TH-84EF1U
75-inch TH-75EF1U
65-inch coming soon
32-inch TH-32EF1U
55-inch TH-55LFE8U
48-inch TH-48LFE8U
43-inch TH-43LFE8U
Standard displays
AF/SF/LF Series
  • Built-in USB Media Player
  • 24/7 Use Reliability
  • Large Screen and High Brightness
55-inch TH-55AF1U
49-inch TH-49AF1U
42-inch TH-42AF1U

65-inch coming soon
55-inch coming soon
49-inch coming soon
43-inch coming soon
80-inch TH-80LF50U
70-inch TH-70LF50U

55-inch TH-55LF80U
49-inch TH-49LF80U
42-inch TH-42LF80U
Linkray enabled digital signage
SFH Series
  • Light ID Technology
  • DIGITAL LINK Single-Cable Connection
  • Robust Professional-Grade Panel
55-inch coming soon
49-inch coming soon
42-inch coming soon

80-inch coming soon
70-inch coming soon
Video Walls
VF1/LFV Series
  • Super Narrow Bezel
  • 24/7 Use Reliability
  • Easy Installation & Connection
55-inch TH-55VF1HU

55-inch TH-55LFV70U

55-inch TH-55LFV60U

55-inch TH-55LFV6U

55-inch coming soon
49-inch coming soon
Digital signage for outdoor placement
LFX Series
  • High Visibility Under Sunlight
  • Durability Against Rain/Dust
  • System Expandability
47-inch TH-47LFX60

47-inch TH-47LFX6


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