Reach your audience wherever they are.

Panasonic Digital Signage Solutions enable a wide variety of applications for countless businesses and industries. They can be installed in practically any location or public venue, such as restaurants, retail, museums, healthcare facilities, hotels, schools, universities and corporate campuses.


Competition is fierce. In today's retail climate, digital signage can give your business an edge over the competition – and that makes a big difference to your bottom line.

Panasonic Digital Signage Solutions can help you:

  • Attract more customers with higher-impact promotions and brand-immersive experiences
  • Capture your audience by advertising in-store specials in high-definition for a more visually eye-pleasing experience
  • Become more ecologically conscious: reduce paper advertisements and promotions and save money by eliminating printing costs
  • Provide interactive, personalized, endless aisle experiences for your customers with entire catalogs, product demonstrations and brand showcases, while highlighting new arrivals
  • Create targeted promotions by integrating your digital signage with third-party databases, such as POS, gift card and loyalty programs to serve the right content to the right customer, at just the right time


Show them the sizzle. Create mouth-watering visual experiences for your customers that can increase sales, heighten order accuracy and decrease wait times.

Panasonic Digital Signage Solutions can help you:

  • Offer customized promotions based on inventory, time of day or customer traffic by integrating signage with your POS analytics software
  • Lessen perceived wait times by providing customers with entertaining, relevant content
  • Systematically update the content on one screen or thousands to ensure messaging consistency across all locations
  • Create additional revenue streams by selling screen time to third-party advertisers


Give guests the royal treatment they demand and create opportunities for additional sales. Immersive, branded content via digital signage can turn an “overnighter” into a dedicated, repeat visitor.

Panasonic Digital Signage Solutions can help you:

  • Ensure promotions are advertised correctly and promptly by placing a network of professional displays in each hotel
  • Quickly update information centrally from company headquarters
  • Welcome guests to special events, cross-promote your restaurant or spa and augment concierge services without hiring extra staff
  • Provide guests with wayfinding experiences for navigating your property and other amenities via interactive signage


Video and moving pictures reach people in a way nothing else can. Digital signage ensures you'll get all eyes and ears on your communications, so you can inspire and align staff to meet company goals.

Panasonic Digital Signage Solutions can help you:

  • Inform employees about the latest company news by positioning a digital signage network in key locations throughout your corporate campus (cafeterias, lobbies, hallways, etc.)
  • Increase engagement and morale with a real-time list of achievements and goals
  • Communicate targeted messages to individual departments and locations
  • Protect employees and assets in emergency situations with safety alerts and instructions


From the moment your visitors arrive, they want to be entertained. Wow them with high-definition video and interactive experiences that increase engagement and fuel the fun.

Panasonic Digital Signage Solutions can help you:

  • Inform visitors at entrances and ticketing areas with important, up-to-the minute exhibit and event details
  • Shorten perceived wait times by entertaining visitors with high-definition video content
  • Enhance visitors' wayfinding experiences with searchable maps and interactive demonstrations
  • Promote new and upcoming events, encouraging return visits to theme parks, museums, movie theaters, sports arenas/parks and other entertainment businesses
  • Increase ticket sales and boost your business with cross-promotions and third-party advertising


When it comes to winning their attention, nothing can compete with digital signage. Inform, educate and captivate with one of the best tools you can use to connect with your students.

Panasonic Digital Signage Solutions can help you:

  • Communicate important school information, sports events and campus activities by deploying a digital signage network throughout the campus in dormitories, classrooms and student activity centers
  • Provide students with up-to-date, critical emergency information and instructions
  • Easily create and manage the production and distribution of campus-wide content


It's a fast-paced world, and travelers need information fast. Ensure that systems are easy to use with real-time updates that are highly visual and impossible to ignore.

Panasonic Digital Signage Solutions can help you:

  • Provide travelers with real-time arrival and departure information and important announcements that can be sent to specific terminal and gate locations
  • Simplify the travel experience with trip-planning applications, maps and directions to local attractions via interactive wayfinding
  • Keep travelers informed with up-to-the-minute national and local news and weather updates

Connect with your customers like never before. Panasonic Digital Signage Solutions help you improve and enhance your customers' experiences and communicate information quickly, resulting in more opportunities to cross-sell/up-sell products and services, while building brand awareness. Obtain additional revenue by selling ad space on your digital signage network. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination!



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