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1/1 Single Split System Wall Mounted Heat Pump

Single Split System Wall Mounted Heat Pump | XE9PKUA


  • Wall Mounted Heat Pump System
  • CS-XE9PKUA(Indoor Unit)/CU-XE9PKUA(Outdoor Unit)
  • Capacity Cooling: 8,700 (2,800 ~ 12,000)/Btu
  • Capacity Heating: 12,000 (3,000 ~ 18,000)/Btu
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About This Product

XE9PKUA Outdoor Heat Pump

Powerful Heating at Low Ambient

Heating is still possible even if the temperature drops as low as 0 °F for reliable heating in the middle of the harshest winter.

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Inverter Technology

Panasonic's inverter provides optimum power control and extremely efficient operation by changing the power supply frequency. The result is speedy, flexible operation using less electricity. The inverter constantly adjusts compressor rotation speed to provide optimum performance at all times. After reaching the set temperature, an inverter air conditioner continues operating with minimum power to avoid unnecessary electricity consumption. Conventional non-inverter air conditioners can only operate at a constant speed, switching the compressor ON and OFF to maintain the set temperature, which wastes electricity.

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Inverter Compressor

Panasonic's Inverter Compressor can achieve high efficiency under high load conditions with accumulated production of 200 million compressors; extremely high quality and reliability are proven.

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Up to 28.5 SEER

Heat Pump

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