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1/1 86 diagonal interactive electronic whiteboard w/ embedded PC"

86 diagonal interactive electronic whiteboard w/ embedded PC" | UB-T880WPC


Item# UB-T880WPC
As part of the Panasonic Panaboard UB-T880 Series of interactive whiteboards, the UB-T880WPC offers a widescreen 86-inch diagonal viewing surface with an embedded PC, which includes HD audio, HDMI, WiFi and Ethernet, MS Windows and built-in speakers. The integrated Intel i5 2520M processor provides simplicity, mobility, ease of setup, improved safety, and enhanced presentation delivery.
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Additional Information

We're pushing the envelope with the new Panaboard with embedded PC. If you are looking for a complete solution that inspires interactivity and collaborative learning all with easier installation, greater versatility, and enhanced classroom management capabilities, look no further than the UB-T880WPC Panaboard.

Effective and Cost-Effective

With our new integrated PC Panaboards, you’ll no longer need a separate PC or device to control the interactive whiteboard, freeing up your computer or reducing the expense of purchasing a PC separately. Assess your students in real-time on your PC while they solve a math problem on the board or email parents personalized feedback while students dissect a poem on the board. The possibilities are endless.

Provide a Sound Education

The elite Panaboard's built-in stereo speakers offer the versatility to share audio with your class. Videos with sound and the use of sound effects help to attract the students' attention and make your lessons more effective.

Project Your Growth

Save written and projected notes from the board directly into your PC. Remote PC operations lets you control your Windows applications from your host PC.

Your Life: Simplified

Since customizable software is deployed before delivery, everything is calibrated and ready to go with the correct hardware specs. Reduce teacher headache and performance issues that could result from computer compatibility or memory issues.


Roll the Panaboard into the next room, the PC moves with the board without the need to unplug and carry a computer or install software on multiple PCs.

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