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The TH-65LFB70U 65-inch professional full HD displays incorporates intuitive touch screen technology, interactive functionality, and the latest in wireless connectivity
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The LFB70 Series of professional Full HD displays incorporate intuitive touch screen technology; fully interactive whiteboard functionality; and the very latest in wireless connectivity to allow you and your colleagues to work more closely as a team. These displays are loaded with the next-generation technology you need to be more productive; more efficient; and to achieve better quality results. Progress smoothly through your presentation using familiar touch screen gestures to turn pages; zoom in and out content; and navigate through multimedia functions without need of a remote control. Whether using a fingertip to cue content for a presentation; or the stylus pen to jot down notes for the group; you'll be delighted at how this user-friendly touch interface makes complex tasks simple. Built-in whiteboard software lets you turn on the display and start work right away—no need to connect a PC. Up to four people can write at a time; and you can save your pages and email them directly to anyone who missed the meeting; Notes can be made on almost anything; from video and photos to PowerPoint® and PDF documents; and then saved as an image file—simply brilliant for the office or classroom. With vibrant Full HD resolution and a wide display area; remote videoconference participants seem like they're in the room with you. Team members in remote locations can write detailed notes onto shared documents and solve problems in real time; just as they would when working together in the office. There powerful web and video conferencing capabilities reduce the need for travel; saving your organization time and money. Start working on the built-in whiteboard instantly—just switch on the display. You can draw straight or freehand lines; and change line thickness; color; and background using the tool palette. To switch input sources; picture settings; and volume; swipe the edge of the screen to display the main menu—no remote control necessary. Four-point multi-touch functionality makes it easy to resize and move graphics around on your documents. The included Stylus Pen and Eraser accessory is a convenient way to write large amounts of text. So simple to use; even for children and less technically experienced presenters. You can write on almost any media you like; including video and still images. Swipe to bring up the main menu; display content from your external device; and start making notes

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Full HD (1080p)

Screen Size

Brightness (cd/m2)

Landscape / Portrait

Built-in Speakers


Protective Glass


1,517 x 892 x 106 mm (59.8 " x 35.2" x 4.2")

Approx. 58.0 Kg (127.9 lbs.)


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