1/1 55" Professional Signage Display with Android-based OpenPort PLATFORM™

55" Professional Signage Display with Android-based OpenPort PLATFORM™ | TH-55AF1U


Item# TH-55AF1U
  • Adaptable, versatile and highly reliable thanks to a high-performance SoC (System on a Chip) - 1GHz quad-core CPU, 1GB of memory, and 8GB internal storage (total capacity of storage including OS)
  • Quick, simple installation and operation without need for external devices and cables
  • Brightness of 500cd/m2, excellent resolution and off-axis visibility even in bright environments using an IPS surface panel



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Adaptable OpenPort PLATFORM™ for Custom Applications - Evolving with Your Needs

Simple, expandable, and reliable, the AF1 Series has an Android™-based OpenPort PLATFORM™ powered by a high-performance SoC (System on a Chip) featuring a 1 GHz quad-core CPU, 1 GB of memory, and 8 GB* internal storage. Together with verified apps created by global alliance partners for custom signage and other roles in business, these adaptive displays deliver your message with maximum impact now and in the future.

The Android robot is reproduced or modified from work created and shared by Google and used according to terms described in the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution License.

* Total capacity of storage including OS.

A Reliable, Fully Certified Platform

The OpenPort PLATFORM™ based on Android™ is fully certified by Google to assure stable, secure, and reliable operation.

Mutual Check with App Alliance Partners

Applications running on OpenPort PLATFORM™ are thoroughly checked by alliance partners and Panasonic for stable and secure operation.

Simple Setup and Easy Operation

No Need for External Devices and Cables

hanks to the built-in media player function, external devices such as set-top boxes, PCs, and associated cabling are not required for digital signage applications. Wireless functionality paves the way to simple, stress-free installation while saving you time and money.

Simple App Installation

Applications are easily accessed and installed via Panasonic App Server*, which streamlines settings before operation. App installation is also enabled via USB drive or microSD card.

* Total capacity of storage including OS.

Flexible and Expandable Digital Signage

Panasonic API Expands Application Functions

Panasonic's clear and intuitive API (Application Programming Interface) enables the expansion of application functions, allowing the display to be controlled remotely without need of RS232C or other complicated applications.

Supports External Memory Devices

USB drives and microSD cards can also be used to expand the 8 GB internal memory storage capacity.

Supports Connection of Peripheral Devices

Peripheral devices such as a mouse, keyboard, or USB camera can be connected to AF1 Series displays to further expand their functionality.

Cloning Function Saves Time When Setting Up Multiple Devices<

Easily copy settings data from a master display to other displays using a USB memory stick. This reduces labor and ensures consistency when setting up multiple devices.

* Function supported on displays of the same size and series only.

High Brightness and Off-Axis Visibility Design

Bright and Stylish IPS Display

The AF1 Series is offered in 42-, 49-, and 55-inch sizes and features an edge-LED IPS panel with 500 cd/m² of brightness. This efficient technology assures uncommonly good off-axis visibility that preserves color accuracy even in bright ambient light. Further, the displays feature a slim 6.3 mm (0.25″) bezel that boosts perceived image size.

Dependability You Can Count On

Fanless Design

AF1 Series' robust fanless design prevents problems caused by the intake of dusty air. The displays can be safely installed and operated in high-traffic environments.

Failover and Failback Safeguards for Mission Critical Situations

The AF1 Series is equipped with HDMI, DVI-D, and USB terminals. If the main video and audio signals are interrupted, the system immediately switches to alternative signals. If primary input signals are restored, the original image is displayed automatically. These safeguards are invaluable when the displays are used in control rooms and surveillance centers.

Multi Monitoring & Control Software

This free Panasonic software offers monitoring and control of up to 2,048 devices over a LAN network from a single PC. For monitoring, the status of each device can be listed in groups. Detailed information on individual displays can also be separately shown. Control functions include power ON/OFF, input switching, scheduling, and command inputs.

Multi Monitoring & Control Software

Optional Early Warning Software (ET-SWA100 Series)

Optional ET-SWA100 Series* Early Warning Software monitors the displays and projectors connected to an intranet and informs you when an abnormality is detected or there are symptoms of trouble. With this software installed, a monitoring server can be controlled remotely via tablet or PC.

Early Warning Software (ET-SWA100 Series)

* Part number suffix may differ depending on the license type.

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Screen Size

Brightness (cd/m2)

Bezel Width

Dimensions (W x H x D)
1229 x 699 x 72 mm/ 48.4″ x 27.6″ x 2.8″
1229 x 699 x 57 mm/ 48.4″ x 27.6″ x 2.3″ (excluding handle)

Approx: 55.2 lbs.

Landscape / Portrait

Built-in Speakers


Protective Glass


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