Outdoor dome housing provides both vandal and weather resistant camera protection for unitized PTZ dome cameras. This unit is built of high impact plastic to deter tampering and uses a built-in heater and blower to keep conditions inside the dome at optimum levels.
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The outdoor dome camera housing shall be the Panasonic model POD9CA, POD9CWA or equivalent. The housing has been designed for the Unitized Surveillance Device Series WV-CS954/ WVCS574/WV-NS324/WV-N202A. The POD9CA/POD9CTA housings are pendant mounts, and the POD9CWA/POD9CWTA are wall mounted housings. The enclosure is equipped with 24VAC input blowers and thermostatically controlled heaters. The POD9CA housing is manufactured from a high-impact engineered plastic, UV protected, with a UL flame rating of 94V0. The dome has been made from an injection molded, optically clear, polycarbonate blend material. The dome is held in place with minimum of (3) fasteners, and a safety cable is provided to hold the dome while servicing. The enclosure is accessible from below with (3) captive fasteners used to press the dome against a sealing O-ring. A twist-off feature allows for the final removal of the dome. On pendant models all incoming wires enter the unit through the top of the housing. A 1” NPT quick-release coupling is provided at the top of the unit for ease of installation and quick removal of the unit. On wall mount models all incoming wires enter through the back of the wall mount and run up into the housing. The housing includes a camera mounting bracket that integrates a heater, blower, video and power surge protector capable of clamping differential node voltage between 240-300V and common mode voltage from 27-36V. The housing is powered with 24VAC (60Hz) and has a power consumption not to exceed 68W including Unitized Camera. The blower draws 1.6W continuous power. The 50W heater turns on at 60°F (15°C) and turns off at 80°F (27°C). A ground isolation transformer, Panasonic model PWBT1621, is available as an option. The housing supports a temperature range of -40°F to 120°F (-40°C to 50°C).

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