1/3 KV-S2087 85ppm / 170 ipm

KV-S2087 85ppm / 170 ipm | KV-S2087


Item# KV-S2087
  • 85 ppm / 170 ipm (Binary, 300 dpi, LTR, portrait)
  • 200 Page ADF Capacity
  • 85 ppm Color Duplex Scanner
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Additional Information

Introducing the Panasonic KV-S2087 Departmental Scanner


The Panasonic KV-S2087 departmental document scanner quickly converts order forms, invoices, sales reports, and other large-volume documents in various sizes and thicknesses into digital data. Boasting high-speed scanning of up to 85 pages per minute or 170 images per minute, the KV-S2087 relieves office staff from much of the bothersome work of scanning.

With a compact design and large capacity automatic document feeder that can hold up to 200 letter size documents in a single run, eliminating the need to set up scanning parameters time after time and bringing greater efficiency to scanning jobs.

The KV-S2087 is capable of scanning a wide range of documents ranging from thin paper to thick paper and even passports and cards. The paper path can be easily switched between straight path and U-turn path for quick and easy scanning of a wide range of documents.

High-Speed Duplex Scanning

The KV-S2087 scans at speeds up to 85 ppm/170 ipm*, placing itself in the highest speed class of all A4 departmental scanner models. The scanning speed is the same for 200 DPI, 300 DPI, black and white and color documents.

Document Feed Function

The KV-S2087 boasts the largest feeder capacity in its class. Up to 200 documents can be set in the feed tray. Since a large number of documents can be scanned continuously, the frequency of setup operation can be reduced for higher work efficiency.

Flexible Paper Transport System

The KV-S2087 scanner can easily switch between transport systems via the Paper Exit Direction Selector. The U-turn path is designed for everyday scanning and for thicker or specialty documents, the straight path can be selected.

Digital and Post Imprinting

The Digital Imprinter function adds text data to scanned images. The optional Post Imprinter prints text on the back side of the original after the document is scanned. The text is not added to the scanned image making it easy to compare scanned data and the original document for improved accuracy.

Durability and Maintenance

The long life feed rollers reduce the frequency of roller replacement allowing for a lower total cost of ownership and reduced maintenance requirements.

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Scanners Departmental

Scanning Speed (ppm/ipm)
A4 200 dpi: Binary | 85ppm / 170ipm
A4 200 dpi: Color | 85ppm / 170ipm
A4 300 dpi: Binary | 85ppm / 170ipm
A4 300 dpi: Color | 85ppm / 170ipm

Feeding Path
U-turn / Straight

Feed Tray Capacity @80g/m2
200 sheets

Document Weight (g/m2)
ADF: 20-157 g/m2
Manual: 20-546 g/m2

Card Scan

Passport Scan

Long Paper Scanning (mm)

Document Output Control

Double-Feed Skip Function

Double-Feed Prevention Release


One Push Scanning
100 settings

Background Color

USB 3.0

Post (option)

Digital Imprinter

Roller Life
350,000 sheets

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