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1/4 18.5" HD Production Monitor

18.5" HD Production Monitor | BT-LH1850


Item# BT-LH1850

18.5" High-Performance HD/SD LCD Widescreen Monitor

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The BT-LH1850 is an 18.5” high-performance HD/SD LCD production monitor with full 1366 x 768 resolution and impression new features including an HD and SD closed caption display; vectorscope; waveform monitor for R/G/B signals; an RS-485 serial remote; and an eco-friendly panel with mercury-free LED backlight that provides remarkably low-power consumption; (22W; representing a more than a 50% reduction from the prior LH series model). With HD and HDMI connectivity; the versatile LH1850 also offers a 3D look-up table (LUT); which produces faithful color hues and smooth gradation; together with quick-response motion images.

The WXGA-resolution LH1850 delivers the professional features and outstanding price-to-performance users have come to expect from a Panasonic LH-Series monitor. And now Panasonic adds additional versatility in the LH1850; including the ability to view any camera source with an HD/SD SDI or HDMI output; and the display of HD and SD closed captioning.

The LH1850’s 3D-LUT with 6-pole color correction includes a look-up table for each signal level; and applies 10-bit image processing to each RGB color to balance the six coordinate axes of the three primary colors (RGB) and their complementary colors (CMY); resolving color drifting at low light levels and keeping colors vividly natural. It also delivers an array of additional features necessary in demanding broadcast and production environments; including setting for gradation; and selectable color temperature of 9300 K/6500 K/5600 K; or 3000 K to 9300 K.

Using SD SDI or video input; the LH1850 can display closed captions and supports both the EIA/CEA-708 HD-SDI and the EIA/CEA-608 SD-SDI closed captioning standards; and can display up to eight windows simultaneously. Like the monitor’s waveform monitoring display function; the LH1850’s vectorscope can now display all lines of the SDI input signal (Y/R/G/B). Various markers can be displayed in both 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios; including aspect (4:3; 13:9; 14:9; CNSCO 2.39; CNSCO 2.35; 2:1; and VISTA in 16:9 mode); safe area and center. A simple cross hatch overlay can be displayed to check the tilt of the camera. The monitor’s Pixel-to-Pixel function displays inputted video without any resizing; and a still frame display function can freeze a frame and display it as a sub-screen. The color audio level meter displays the input level of embedded audio; and a Time Code display shows the value of the VITC; LTC or UB time code.

The LH1850 incorporates diverse video inputs and remote terminals to realize superb operability in a system configuration. Two SDI inputs (SDI1/SDI2) with an automatic HD/SD switching function are standard and support embedded audio. A next-generation HD Link is featured to allow high-quality connection of a wide range of digital HD products with an HDMI terminal; such as blu-ray/DVD players. Digital and analog DVI-I (Single Link) input is also provided.

Its RS-485 Serial Remote permits up to 32 monitors to be connected in a loop-through configuration; each of which can be designated and controlled by a distinct ID number. TSL commands allow text display (8 alphanumeric characters) and tally indication. The monitor also supports unique Panasonic commands (equivalent to RS-232C).

Features include:

  • 1;366 x 768 (WXGA)
  • Eco friendly with a LED backlight
  • HD/SD-SDI x 2 w/ switched output
  • HDMI and HD/SDI-CC
  • Pixel to Pixel Mapping
  • Mono mode
  • RGB-WFM Vector scope
  • Color audio level meter
  • RS-485 IMD remote
  • Worldwide 59.94 Hz /50Hz compatibility
  • Two-channel analog audio (pin jacks x2)
  • Embedded audio via the SDI and HDMI input
  • Audio monitoring via built-in speakers and headphone output
  • Markers and Blue-only display
  • H/V delay display
  • Various color adjustments
  • Customizable function keys
  • Calibration hardware interface for chroma and luma
  • GPI remote control terminal
  • Cine-gamma Film-Rec compensation function
  • Standard tilt stand; tally lamps; and Key Lock function
  • Standard screw holes for mounting
  • Quiet operation (No cooling fan)
  • Integrated power supply
  • Operates on AC or DC power
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Blue Hard Shipping Case for the BT-LH1850 monitor

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Clear protective panel. Connects to BT-LH1850 via existing screw holes.

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