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25.5 3D Production Display"
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The 25.5" BT-3DL2550 3D LCD Monitor is a powerful 3D production tool with professional features such as dual HD-SDI and DVI interfaces as well as multiple display options. Whether utilized with the AG- 3DA1 fully-integrated Full HD professional 3D camcorder or with 3D rigs; the 3DL2550 displays high-quality; flicker-free 3D content and is equipped with invaluable production tools to help with your 3D production. Designed for broadcast and other professional applications; the full 1920 x1200 resolution display provides exceptional color performance and a ruggedized frame; in addition to offering high-quality 2D performance.

The 3D LCD Video Monitor features a wide color gamut and 10-bit 3D LUT (Look-Up Table) for faithful color reproduction. It is also capable of displaying 3D images for viewing with 3D Polarized Eyewear. The 3DL2550 supports three types of 3D video input: simultaneous; line-by-line and side-by-side. The monitor also features a special 3D display function for image acquisition with rig-type 3D camera systems.

The color space of the 3DL2550 is 102% of the NTSC standard; exceeding the EBU/SMPTE range that can be displayed by ordinary LCD monitors. It accurately reproduces colors that are not easily reproduced by conventional displays – – including CRTs – – to meet the needs of broadcasters and production companies as well as in digital cinema; CG production; printing; publishing; advertising; and research. The 3DL2550 offers six wide color space modes: Adobe RGB y=2.2; y=1.8) and D-Cinema (y=2.6); SMPTE; EBU and ITU-709.

• Audio Level Meter (3D/2D): 2 channels; 4 channels; 8 channels or OFF.
• Mono Mode (3D/2D): Displays images in black-and-white.
• Time Code Display (3D/2D): VITC; LTC or UB
• Closed Caption Display (2D): Displays closed captions (32 characters x 15 lines)
• Tally lamps (red and green)
• RGB input
• Remote inputs: RS-232C (9-pin) and GPI (9-pin)
• Headphone jack
• Embedded audio decoder on board (through its headphone jack)
• Active BNC loop-through
• Weight: Approx. 19.4 lb without stand
• Built-in 3D tools: Grid; Flip; HIT (Horizontal Image Translation); Split-screen and more
• No separate stereo processor required
• Stereo Display options: Simultaneous (dual SDI); Line-by-Line; and Side-by-Side
• Side by side image for color matching
• Contrast: 1000:1
• Requires polarized (passive) glasses to watch 3D content (two PGL10G included)

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