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Item# AW-RP120

Remote PTZ Camera System Controller with IP and Serial Connectivity

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The AW-RP120 full-size remote camera system controller has the capability to control cameras via both IP and serial connections to support the company's expanding line-up of remote camera systems.

The cost-effective RP120 offers advanced functions including Group Presets for rapid; easy scene changes; Tracing Memories for storage and recall of complex operations; SD Memory Card memory storage; and direct panel control of gain; pedestal; and detail settings. With an easy-to-use control layout and the most powerful feature set of any Panasonic controller; the RP120 addresses a diverse range of applications in broadcasting; sports; Houses of Worship; education; rental/staging; corporate and government.

The RP120 delivers control of up to 100 Panasonic cameras via IP or five via RS-422 serial connections. Compatible cameras include the AW-HE50H/S; AW-HE60H/S; AW-HE120; AW-HE130; AW-HE40; AW-UE70: AW-HE100 and AW-HE2 HD integrated PTZ cameras; plus the AK-HC1500; AK-HC1800; AW-HE870; and many other convertible cameras when used with appropriate pan/tilt heads.

The RP120 supports flexible system configurations; with Group Presets; Scene Files; and up to 100 presets for up to 100 remote cameras. Selectable automatic IP address allocation further simplifies the commissioning of large-scale systems. Any one of five RP120 controllers on the network can select and control any compatible IP-controlled camera. An RS-232C port enables external control for systems employing appropriately programmed PC; Crestron; AMX; and other 3rd party controllers. Panasonic's compact AW-HS50 switcher can also be linked to the controller via IP connection to permit a streamlined production workflow

The RP120's control panel features a large pan/tilt joystick; seesaw zoom lever; iris dial; and manual focus dial with One-Touch Autofocus. A dedicated speed adjustment dial is provided for each of the pan/tilt/zoom and focus functions. Precise camera moves and scene operations can be memorized and recalled via the unit's Tracing Memory. Up to 10 Tracing Memory script items can be stored for each camera. In addition; up to 100 standard presets; including pan; tilt; zoom position; focus; iris and white balance settings; can be quickly stored and recalled for each camera; greatly simplifying operation in large or complex venues. By creating up to four Groups Presets (up to 10 cameras each) multiple camera angles and settings can be retrieved in a single batch; facilitating one-touch control of rapid scene changes.

The remote controller permits direct adjustment of a camera's Gain; Shutter; Detail; AWB; ABB; Master Pedestal; R/B Pedestal and R/B Gain. Other menu functions of compatible Panasonic cameras can be also controlled using the RP120. Its LCD panel facilitates menu operation as well as dedicated zoom; focus and iris indicator display. Various functions can also be allocated to eight User Buttons for one-touch control. Scene files can be utilized for one-touch switching of remote camera shooting modes; and settings can be stored on an SD Memory Card for backup and cloning setups to other controllers.

The RP120 has a simple; ergonomic design for easy operation in diverse settings; but is powerful enough to satisfy high-level staging and production needs. The unit measures 13-1/2" W x 3-1/16" D x 10-17/16" H and weighs just under seven pounds.

Key Features
• Full size; precision joystick for smooth control of camera moves
• Preset Groups for easy; rapid scene changes (4 groups of up to 10 cameras)
• Separate Speed Shift Dials for Pan-Tilt/Zoom/Focus
• Direct panel controls for R/B Gain/Ped; Master Pedestal; Gain; Detail
• SD Card Storage for backup and recall of settings
• Tracing Memory for complex camera moves (includes SD card storage with IP cameras)
• 10 Camera Direct Panel Selection Buttons
    • 5 cameras via RS422
    • Up to 100 cameras via IP (10 groups of 10)
• SW-Link via IP with HS50 switcher; plus external control of RP120 via serial - for simpler workflow

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