HD/SD Multi-Format Live Switcher | AV-HS410


Item# AV-HS410

Download Free Version 2.0 Software Upgrade
New features in V2.0 include:

  • Thumbnail display of video available clips for easy programming
  • Two Channel Simultaneous Rec/Play of video clips for faster workflow
  • Video Clip transfer via LAN for rapid loading of material Simultaneous display of video with WFM or Vectorscope on built-in LCD
  • Spline Interpolation for Event Memories enables tween movements
  • User Buttons fully programmable with Plug-ins; for instant control
  • And much more.


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Additional Information

The AV-HS410 is compact and versatile with nine inputs standard (eight HD-SDI; one scaleable HD DVI-D); and is expandable using option boards to a maximum of 13 HD/SD switchable signal inputs. Five HD-SDI and one DVI-D outputs are also standard with option boards enabling expansion to a maximum of 10 outputs. Two expansion slots allow the simultaneous use of up to two AV-HS04M Series dual-channel input or output boards.

Four Aux busses are provided to enable versatile production workflow; with mix transitions available on AUX1. Dual PinP (with transition memories); one DSK; and an upstream keyer with 3D flying key and Primatte® Chroma key capabilities are also provided. Numerous high-quality 3D and 2D effects are available for transitions for both background and key. All input channels feature a built-in switchable frame synchronizer; while upconverters are available for four channels and 16-axis color correction for the eight standard HD-SD/SDI inputs. The HS410’s system frequency is switchable among 60Hz; 50Hz; and 24Hz; enabling international operation and digital cinema style live switching.

The HS410’s user-friendly interface is distinguished by the 7” WVGA (800 × 480 pixels) color LCD monitor that; in addition to displaying settings and menus; can show input and output video; waveform monitor readings and even the Multiviewer display. MultiViewer configurations include assignable screen divisions into 4; 5; 6; 9; 10 or 16 sections and support the display of time; audio level meters and 4:3 markers. The switcher’s simple panel layout features dedicated buttons for many common functions; such as PinP 1/2; as well as A bus and B bus rows with 12 crosspoint buttons (22 with shift function); allowing easy access to a variety of internal and external sources.

Advanced features include dual-channel video/still clip player/recorders; 100 event memories; Effect Preview (for offline viewing of programmed effects); timeline editing; and customizable Plug-in programs for external device control and many other applications. An SDK (Software Development Kit) is available from Panasonic to enable the creation of powerful custom Plug-in programs.


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