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Item# AK-HC3500
2/3 2.2M 1080i Native 3-CCD HD Studio Camera"
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The AK-HC3500 HD studio camera is a native high-definition studio camera system for studio/direct-to-air switcher facilities and electronic field production. Incorporating three high-performing 2/3 2.2-megapixel IT CCDs; a newly developed 38-bit digital signal processor; and a 14-bit A/D converter; the HC3500 delivers exceptional HD images in 1080/59.94i and 1080/50i.

The HC3500 features an advanced single-channel transfer system and spatial offset processing that reduces aliasing and provides an outstanding 1;100 horizontal lines of resolution; and 60 dB signal-to-noise ratio. The camera is equipped with a 12-axis color matrix to permit precise hue and saturation adjustment of individual colors. Other functions that allow precise HD image control include: skin-tone detail; versatile gamma settings including real-time Dynamic Range Stretch (DRS) that varies the gamma correction to match the contrast within the image; cine gamma to produce warm film-like images; and a new hue protection circuit which enables rich color reproduction even in high light areas; as in a brightly lit scene.

When configured for studio use; the 10.4-pound AK-HC3500 can also be mounted onto an optional build-up unit with a "one touch;" cable-free setup. The camera can also be used shoulder-mount for EFP applications.

Advanced picture enhancing features including: dynamic detail; programmable gamma; real-time contrast correction gamma; CineGammaTM; an EBU color matrix preset that ensures similar color response in between HD and SD video for seamless intermixing and more."

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