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1/1 AK-HC1500G

Compact, High-Quality HD Box Camera with 2/3 type 3CCD | AK-HC1500G


Item# AK-HC1500G
2/3 3-CCD 16:9 1080i/720p HD Multi-Purpose Camera"
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The AK-HC1500G is the industry's first compact multi-format HD camera and offers compatibility with all of the world's HD formats. This compact; 3.3-pound camera is also the first multi-purpose unit to offer variable frame rates (4fps to 60fps in single-frame increments) and a CineGammaTM curve to produce film-like images. It teams seamlessly with Panasonic's AJ-HDC27 VariCam® HD Cinema camera for high-end productions. Or team it with the AW-PH650 (pan/tilt in sealed housing) for outdoor application. Compact to go practically anywhere; the AK-HC1500G is tailor made for assignments ranging from studio use and weather forecasting to live sports and videoconferencing; from scientific image analysis to studio animation.

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