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Item# AJ-PX5000G
AJ-PX5000G P2 HD Camcorder with AVC-ULTRA recording
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This 2/3”; 2.2M 3-MOS P2 HD shoulder-mount camcorder is the first with native AVC-ULTRA recording and built-in microP2 card slots. The PX5000 features 720p* and 1080p/i recording; and is also the first P2 HD camera that will record in full-resolution; 10-bit 1080/60p (in AVC-Intra100).

Panasonic’s AVC-ULTRA offers master-quality and/or low-bit-rate 10-bit; 4:2:2 recording in Full HD to meet a variety of user needs from mastering to transmission. Addressing the need for high-speed file exchange; its high-resolution AVC-Proxy encodes in parallel with higher bandwidth production formats; enabling fast; efficient offline editing; at bit-rates from 3.5 megabits down to 800 kilobits per second.
The AVC-Proxy files and Network function (wired/wireless LAN)* make it possible to configure a workflow for previewing images; editing metadata; editing playlists; sharing networks; and uploading motion images quickly and at low cost with a PC/Mac; tablet; or smartphone.*

The PX5000G incorporates a selection of AVC-LongG quality levels; including AVC-LongG50 and AVC-LongG25. Designed for applications where file size is critical; these 10-bit; 4:2:2 sampled codecs record in a much smaller file size; saving storage cost and transfer times over MPEG-2 while maintaining equal or better video quality. In the future; lower bitrate AVC-LongG12 will be made available.

The PX5000G offers optional AVC-Intra200* recording; which at twice the bit rate per frame of AVC-Intra100 is visually lossless; delivering a master quality codec in an affordable; file-based camera. The AVC-Intra200 option will yield a cost-effective approach to network-level program acquisition; film-outs and higher levels of color correction In addition to AVC-LongG and AVC-Intra100/50; the PX5000 offers standard recording in DVCPRO HD; DVCPRO50; DVCPRO and DV.

The camera has two microP2 slots and two standard P2 card slots;** as well as an SD card slot for proxy/metadata recording. MicroP2 cards offer a faster transfer speed; smaller size (SD card size) and are lower cost compared to a P2 card.
Professional interfaces include MON out (can be set to output HD-SDI); HDMI out; HD/SD-SDI in/out; 3G-SDI out; genlock in for multi-camera operation; timecode in/out; USB 3.0 (host) and a two-channel UniSlot compatible wireless receiver.

  • HD/SD Multi Format/Multi Codec -- In addition to 1080/60i; the AJ-PX5000G supports 24p; 30p;60p; and 720p multi HD format and SD recording. Also; 50i; 50p; and 25p are supported by 59.94 Hz/50 Hz switching.

  • Achieves high F12 (59.94 Hz)/F13 (50 Hz) sensitivity; excellent images with an S/N ratio of 62 dB; shoulder-type design accommodates a variety of interchangeable B4 mount 2/3” lenses;

  • Equipped with Chromatic Aberration Compensation (CAC) to maximize lens performance;

  • Dynamic Range Stretch (DRS) optimizes scene image contrast at the pixel level; reducing overexposure and crushed shadow content and dramatically improves human skin rendition.

  • Highly accurate flash band detection and compensation algorithm that minimizes partial image exposure due to strobe lighting.

  • 7-mode (HD/SD/FILMLIKE 1/FILMLIKE 2/FILMLIKE 3/FILM-REC/VIDEO-REC) gamma selection and extensive digital image settings.

  • A 16:9; 3.5-inch; 920;000-dot resolution LCD color viewfinder; which doubles as a LCD monitor when open;

  • Audio capabilities include two XLR audio inputs; and records up to four channels of 48kHz; 24-bit audio in AVC-Intra formats (16-bit in AVC-LongG; DVCPRO HD; DVCPRO and DV);

  • Scan Reverse for use with a cinema lens adaptor;

  • Presettable Shutter Speed from 1/12 to 1/2000 sec plus variable Synchro Scan;

  • 4-position (CLEAR; 1/4 ND; 1/16 ND; 1/64 ND) optical neutral density filter wheel;

  • 50 Hz and 59.94 Hz switchable for worldwide use.

  • A simplified waveform and vectorscope;

  • A 10-pin remote terminal enabling remote camera operation; and an optional camera studio system.

  • Two optical filters; ND and CC; with four positions each. The CC filters are 3200K; 4300K; 5600K and 6300K;.NDs are Clear; 2; 4; and 6 stops.

  • Uplink device support. The status; settings; and bandwidth condition for the LiveU LU40 Series can be displayed on the camera viewfinder; and uplink start/stop can be operated. This allows the camera operator to handle live relays comfortably and securely.


* Options available in March 2014
**The PX5000G does not support spanned recording between the microP2 and standard P2 cards slots.


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