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MicroP2 Card Reader | AJ-MPD1G


Item# AJ-MPD1G
MicroP2 Drive
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The AJ-MPD1G is a microp2 drive featuring CPS password protection and USB 3.0 interface for transfer speeds up to 2.0 Gbps; and its two slots to accommodate offloading of spanned clips. Operating systems supported include Windows 8/Windows 7/XP; Mac OS X 10.6;10.7;10.8. The MPD1G also supports all P2 frame rates and formats supported by microP2 cards.

• Includes USB cable.

To use the microP2 card adapter; a firmware upgrade of current P2 hardware is required. Please note the following compatible models and upgrade schedule:
• April 2013: AG-HPX250; AG-HPX255; AG-HPX600 camcorders; AG-HPD24 deck; and AJ-PCD20; AJ-PCD35; AJ-PCD30; AJ-PCD2 drives
• May 2013: AJ-HPX3100 camcorder
• June 2013: AG-HPX370 camcorder and AG-HPG20 recorder
• August 2013: AJ-HPX2000 camcorder; and AJ-HPM200 and AJ-HPD2500 recorders.

To download free microP2 hardware upgrade; or find out more about microP2; please visit the new microP2 site:"

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