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Product available in US K-12 market only.

Designed for
active learning
and active students

3E is the result of a collaborative partnership between Panasonic,
Intel® Education and Microsoft — a partnership dedicated to bringing a fully
connected computer to every student and to providing all the technical expertise and support
our educators need to make each 3E a truly valuable educational tool.

Designed for interdisciplinary, STEM-based learning, 3E is a purpose-built academic device with a comprehensive software bundle of essential K-12 applications. This active learning platform gives students practical tools and analytic software that can transform abstract lessons into inquiry-based, hands-on activities with immediate, real-world results.

The 3E is packed with discovery and analysis hardware, including an attachable magnifying lens, turning the on-board camera into a digital microscope; a three-axis accelerometer; sound and light sensors; and a temperature probe. All of these features work seamlessly with the 3E software so students can easily view and analyze collected data, which makes 3E a perfect tool for any STEM curriculum.

3E's powerful collaboration tools and management software help teachers make the most of learning opportunities. Students can reverse or undock the touch screen from their 3E, which makes sharing and presenting easy and fun. Teachers can access every student's 3E from a central computer so he or she can track individual process, distribute documents and videos, or share a student's screen with the class.

Built to survive the rough-and-tumble reality of student life, the IP51-certified 3E resists dust, sheds spills and takes drops up to 70cm that would destroy a consumer-grade tablet or laptop. With rugged reliability, the 3E is truly a state-of-the-art learning machine.