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The 300StudioPlus offers expanded remote control capabilities to the basic 300Studio package. It includes the compact digital Base Station (AG-BS300) and lightweight camera adapter (AG-CA300G); and replaces the standard extension control unit with the advanced AJ-RC10 remote control; which provides more sophisticated control options including the ability to save and recall scene files. The AJ-RC10 remote control unit can also be extended to longer distances up to 90 meters (approx. 295 feet) with optional cables.

The AG-BS300 digital base station; which features two HD/SD SDI outputs and a composite video output; connects with the AG-CA300G camera adapter via optional studio cables; available in 100 meter (approx. 328 ft.); 50 meter (approx. 164 ft.) and 25 meter (approx. 82 ft.) lengths.

• Optional cables for AJ-RC10 remote control unit available in lengths of 30; 60 or 90 meters
• Optional accessories include the 300LenReturn cable; which enables access to return video for framing shots; a range of studio cables; shelf rack kit and rack unit
• Optional battery plate required when using local battery sources (Anton Bauer; IDX; etc.)

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